Very few of us would probably ever say that we would like our front yard to look barren and cold. We like to add shrubbery, trees, bushes, and other plants in front of our homes to add curb appeal, shade from the sun, protect from the wind, and for many other reasons. Even if only for the fact that we may like to garden.

But having bushes and other plants too close to our home can also cause issues if not kept in check. For instance, if bushes are too close to our home it can make more pathways for pests to get in. Ants, termites, and other bugs can more easily travel between the plants to our home.

Then there are bigger pests. Things like skunks, mice, snakes, and other small animals that can use the vegetation to hide in, live in, and get to our homes easily. Squirrels and chipmunks can be very destructive if let into our homes too.

So, while we love our plants, try and keep the vegetation in front of our homes to a reasonable degree. Try and keep everything cut back from the house, and pests kept to a minimum.

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