Grilling season is not yet over, wouldn’t you agree? Some of us never give it up, since food just tastes so much better when it has been grilled. If you are a newcomer to the grilling crowd, there are a few things that you should avoid to ensure that your grilling is safe. If your home has vinyl siding, grilling near it could damage your home. Vinyl can’t stand up to high temperatures, which can lead to melted siding that can’t be fixed. You would need to replace the whole section of siding.

Another danger is carbon monoxide. Don’t ever grill in an enclosed area without ventilation. Carbon monoxide poisoning could kill you in just a few minutes, and before that, you might be too dizzy and nauseous to make it out to safety.
If you use lighter fluid, you should also be careful since it could explode if you leave the bottle near the heat.

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