When you have hardwood floors, you might be very worried that someone will scratch it up, and this is a real risk. Depending on the type of wood and the treatment it got, it will have some protection, but there are some things that you just can’t protect it against.

So what can you do if the worst happens? Well, it is possible to do a fairly good job at repairing the scratch so that it will be hardly noticeable.

What you need for the job is fine sandpaper, steel wool, mineral spirits, wood filler, and polyurethane.
Depending on the depth of the scratch you might not even use the sandpaper, but just go straight to the steel wool. Remember to work along with the grain on the wood to get the best possible result. Between sanding and using the wood filler you want to clean off the surface well with the mineral spirits. After the wood filler has hardened you should smooth it and then clean it again before finally applying polyurethane to give it a nice finish that matches the rest of the floor.

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