When something is firmly stuck inside your pipes, how do you remove it? We’ve all been there – you see the water in the toilet raising up instead of lowering when you pull the lever to flush, and you have to try to turn off the water supply in a panic. Before you turn to the drain chemicals, have you considered trying a plunge? It is much better for the environment and your pipes, and it isn’t too complicated.

Before you start plunging, you should make sure you have the right level of water in the bowl. Too high and it could splash contaminated water on the floor, and if it is too low, you won’t be able to plunge the toilet properly.

Fill the cup of the plunger with water before you start, and then ensure you have a proper seal between the plunger and the opening to the pipe. After plunging the toilet a few times, you should notice that the clog is on the move, making your toilet work properly once again.

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